Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Prayer...

...from the three year old last night at dinner.

Normal version:
God is great,
God is good,
Let us thank Him
For our food.

Cameron's version:
Dog is great,
Thank you our friends, family
Keep us safe, helfy (healthy)
Dog is good
Thank You
Our food.
AMEN - Go God

Oh, try as he may, Caleb just couldn't get him to say it right.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a trip to the ER

I am going to try to post once a week. Maybe it's a resolution, but I really don't want to put that kind of pressure on myself...

Now, about our trip:

We had some friends over after school last week, and while the Moms sat on the back porch visiting, the boys all played in the backyard. After about an hour, our friends were getting ready to venture home. Well, as is common practice for my boys, they were deep into an adventure they had created in their amazing imaginations. Apparently, Caleb's "role" called for making booby traps. So, he picks up a log off the wood pile to (in his words) "throw a booby trap." Exit log Caleb's hands, enter log Cameron's head. Cameron starts crying, but cries like I cry when I stump my toe on one of the toys they've left in the middle of the floor. My friend and I calmly stand up from our seats, and I holler out "you're okay, rub it." **sidenote** I had not at all seen what had transpired, I was merely telling him what I tell them several times a day. So, then Cameron's friend says in his cute 2 1/2 yr old voice, "Mom, Cawub hurt Camen." My friend responds, "it's okay, don't tattle." At this point, I see Caleb's ashen white face, and Caleb's friend says, "Mom, there's A LOT of blood." Umm, this is where we both ran like we were qualifying for the Olympics. **another sidenote**Where Cameron was in the yard, you can not see him from the porch. I get to Cameron, where he is covered in blood (it's a head wound - they do that). I scoop him up and carry him inside. By the time I picked him up, he had already stopped crying, but was holding his mouth open and moaning. He was worried about his gum. I took his gum, pulled back his hair, and got a good look. In a matter of a minute, Motrin had been administered, Caleb had started crying and apologizing, and we were on our way to the ER. Cameron's telling Caleb, "it's okay, it was an accident." And, it really was.

Due to the clean cut laceration and the depth of it, the doctor was able to glue my little Humpty Dumpty back together again. Cameron was most concerned that they bring him apple juice. He never cried again. Not once. Not from the moment I secured him in my arms. Later, I thought about this, and I wondered did he stop crying because of shock, because it didn't hurt, or because he trusted me to take care of him. It wasn't his concern anymore. Made me think...what if when I called on God for help, and he secured me in his arms, I stopped crying for help, or stopped trying to take care of the hurt on my own. What a concept, COMPLETE trust. It's neither here nor there, just my thoughts.

So, back at home, Greg has now got Caleb who is working very quickly on a get well card. When we arrive home, Caleb greets his brother with a big hug and the card. Greg had heated up dinner and set it on the table (thank goodness for leftovers). Cameron quickly got in his seat and started digging in. Caleb took about two bites and put his head in his hands and started crying. He said he wasn't hungry. Greg pulled him on his lap, and he said he was just so sorry he hurt his brother. At this point we all turn to look at Cameron, who has spaghetti noodles hanging out of his mouth on both sides and is smiling. We reassured Caleb over and over that he was fine, Cameron told him he loved him and he was fine, but our sweet sensitive soul had a hard time.

It's been a week now, and Cameron is very proud to show off his owie and tell anyone that asks what happens, "it was an accident, but Caleb threw a log and hit me in the head." :-)