Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Over Thanksgiving, we had so much fun surprising the boys with a fabulously wonderful trip to Disney World for the week. Well, over a month later and feeling overwhelmed with the almost 1000 pictures taken and hours of video caught, I still haven't done any editting to the pics or watched all the video. But, I've had some time on my hands the last couple of days, not enough to actually edit :-), but enough to put this together. So, I will let these pictures speak for themselves. All you have to do is press play...
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harry and Maverick

Caleb was adamant he wanted to be Harry Potter. Well, not just Harry Potter, but Harry in his Quiditch robe. So, Harry he was. And Cameron was our fighter pilot, fondly named Maverick. No, he hasn't seen the movie. Yes, I was asked that multiple times.

We were able to get multiple uses out of the costumes this year. On Saturday night, our neighborhood had their fall festival (no pics). Then, the boys got to dress up for school Monday. Then last night, we went to our church for it's annual fall festival. Following that, for the first time and at the boys' request, we went to a friend's neighborhood where door-to-door trick or treating is slightly more conducive than our neighborhood. Big fun was had by all and by the end of the night the boys were falling into their beds, happy and exhausted. Mom and Dad too.

We've been sporting costumes with these fine friends for 5 years now.

So for weeks, I have been convinced that Caleb was the fighter pilot a few years ago. So, when Cameron wanted to be a fighter pilot, I was thinking heck yes, we have that costume. Done. Except it was Cameron. THREE years ago. This costume is rolled to the hilt and pinned in order to "fit." This year it was a little tight in areas and short in the legs. Time to pass that one down...

Bull Rider Caleb

Bull Rider Cameron

They love each other. After going door-to-door, they still hold hands and stay together back to the car.

Couldn't resist this pic of these cutie-patooties from 5 years ago - Caleb 4, Cameron 1

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Cameron has been up to...

It’s been a big month for Cameron. First he had Community Helper Day at school. He chose to be an air force pilot, so with the help of some good friends, we found out some more about that job. Then, he got to dress up and tell his class all about being a pilot for the air force (well, from the eyes of a 5 year old).
He wouldn’t be a five year old for long, though. A week after the report, he celebrated his 6th birthday. WOW! We jumped our way into his birthday with a party at the Jumpy Place with lots of friends, pizza, and cake. It really was so much fun and he had a blast! I can’t believe my baby is six. Cameron, you are so smart; learning more every day, to read, to add and subtract, and to be a huge asset to your kindergarten class. You have picked up so much so quickly. You LOVE going to school – you are very social and enjoy time with your friends. You have a determination like no other – you will always figure out a way to do whatever you set your mind to. We see it on the soccer field, in your school work, in your chores, pretty much all you do. You revel in your role as younger brother, learning from your brother – he is your absolute best friend (and I couldn’t ask for more). You are so polite with your mannerisms, you love to help mommy with cleaning, cooking, and around the house (as long as it’s your idea and not a chore J). You are a sweet cuddle buddy who still loves to hang out on the couch with mom and dad. More than all of that, you are a handsome child of God. You are interested and eager to learn more about your heavenly Father and you have been asking some tough (but really good) questions lately. We love you so much and are absolutely honored to be your parents!

Love these boys

Some of Cam's friends pile on the slide with him
What a BLESSED kid...

Speaking of soccer, we are deep into Cameron’s third season of soccer. He loves it and is so much fun to watch…

And, then last week, we received a letter in the mail from the school district. Apparently, other people have noticed how amazing our kid is…

Proud of Bubba - we love you!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Time is flying by and moving fast and I struggle with what goes on from day to day and keeping up. It absolutely hit me sideways that this sweet boy is 9, that he started his tenth year of life, that he is becoming a big boy not a little boy. We are so proud of the person he is, the friend he has become, the awesome big brother and example that he is to Cameron, and the absolutely wonderful son we adore. We love how witty you are, how you make us laugh, how smart you are, how sweet you are, and what a blessing you are. We thank God every day for the gift of you and treasure each sweet moment. We love you Caleb!

It was very difficult to get Cameron out of the pictures - spotlight thief

sweet boy

We LOVE you!!

Caleb's birthday falls on Labor Day weekend most years, so we took him and some friends to the M.agic T.ime M.achine on Labor Day for dinner - he had a blast!! (and guess who is in the picture)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Special Visitor

I didn't take a whole ton of pictures, because, um, there were 3 of them. But we LOVED having sweet Hudson here to visit for a few days. LOVED LOVED LOVED my baby snuggle time.

The boys watched "morning cartoons" - Hudson sleeping on the video monitor - while they ate their cereal before school

Greg got in on the feeding action - mmm, mmm, green peas

Me loving some sweet sleep time

This is the face he made after Greg told him "Uncle Greg is better than Aunt Aleesa"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Days

Well, I did it. I managed to leave the baby at school alllllll day for Kindergarten. I won't lie, there were tears, but I somehow I managed to keep the 'cry like a fool tears' at bay until I got to the car. And, Caleb looked so grown up and big in his third grade class - almost too much to take. He was so helpful dropping off his little brother in his class; made me want to rewind, stop time, figure out how he had grown so.

As for the boys, they did awesome. Cameron got in the car after school and with a grin from ear to ear told me how much he looooooooves school, that his day was "pheMOMinal" and that he couldn't wait to go back. He told me all about class, lunch, recess and art with such enthusiasm that I was getting the sinking feeling he wasn't going to want to quit school, stay home with me, and be my sidekick again. In fact, I was beginning to have that nagging feeling that he was excited to go back the NEXT day! Can you believe?! Just kidding, I was so thrilled and so encouraged and happy for him; it brought on a whole new set of tears. And, he begged to ride the bus on the second day home and not have me pick him up!! HAS HE COMPLETELY ABANDONED ME OR WHAT?!

Caleb got in the car and said his day was "good and he ate all his lunch." Man of many words. HA! After some prodding and listening to his phone conversation with the many folks who call to see about the first day, I learned all about his day. He has the same teacher he had in the first grade (she moved up to third last year) and was delighted about that, about switching back and forth between two teachers for different subjects, about his friends in his class, and equally desiring to ride the bus home the next day. I MEAN C'MON! :-)

Greg brought me flowers and this poem home after MY first day...

First Day of Kindergarten

Everyone has a first day
When they feel sad and all alone
It can be scary
when you are on your own
And I know that a first day
Can be full of doubts and fears
But they are full of new beginnings
Take my hankie, dry your tears

You'll find lots of things to do
And you'll probably make new friends
I promise we'll be together
When the school day ends

Here comes the teacher
Blow your nose and be brave
Come on now and wipe your eyes
This is no way to behave

Well, Good Morning, Teacher
We really do beg your pardon
No, Mommy doesn't always act this way
But it's my first day of Kindergarten!

Author unknown

Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Many of You Can Say....

...that you have swam a mile? Okay, so maybe some have, but did you do it continuously in under an hour? Okay, still some of you maybe have done that. So, one last question...were you 5 or 8 when you did it?! That's right. The boys swam a non-stop mile this week on Wednesday. It's an accomplishment goal that they are challenged to try at the end of the swim team summer season and they both not only tried but conquered it! They will receive a trophy and a t-shirt for their accomplishment. We were SOOOO proud!!! To give credit that is very due, Greg swam it as well later in the day ~ I just didn't have the camera for his finish.

"we just swam ONE mile"

Papa and Mimi got them a celebration ice cream cake