Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My little Cowboy

My sweet cowboy turns 5 today. Talk about complete joy in his eyes and tears of "where did the years go" and "thank goodness we made it this far" and "I love you so much" leaked out of mine. Cameron, at five, you have an amazing vocabulary, you make us laugh daily, you've consistently kept your ER visits to an average of 2 per year, you stun me with your big blue eyes, you still love to give lots of hugs and kisses, you think your big brother hung the moon (and the feeling is mutual), you can ride around on two wheels, you love to play soccer (and your pretty darn good), your a fanatic about your N.intendo DS and the W.ii, you have an intense determination that is going to take you places, you love to laugh, you love icing on a cupcake, you can't wait to start school, you could play C.andyland for hours straight, you still talk with your L.ittle P.eople, your favorite restaurant is C.hick-fil-a, your laugh is contagious, you are convinced you know more than any adults that you talk to, and most of all, you love Jesus with all your heart and are more than happy to tell anyone that will listen (and some that don't). We love you sweet boy! Thank you for charming my life for 5 years and counting...

Cowboy day at KidsKare was a couple of weeks ago, hence the get-up. Well, while that's completely true for those pictures, the "get-up" is an almost daily occurence around here - on any given day you might see Cameron as Robin Hood, a pirate, a cowboy, davy crockett, or whatever might suit his fancy. :-)