Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update after Surgery

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Ellen underwent surgery today. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Baby B did not survive the surgery. We were thankful to learn that Baby A survived and is thought to be healthy.

Ellen is resting. She will be evaluated in the morning and hopefully return home sometime Friday.

She will be on strict bedrest for a week or so. And then modified bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy.

Thank you for the love and support you have shown Ellen and Kellen.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stronger than I

Forgive me...feeling a bit all over the place tonight.

I am so thankful I serve a God stronger than I. That my Creator is bigger than this world. That I have been given hope. I cling to that right now. Today I went about life as usual - there is work to do, activities to get to, you know, life to take care of. But all day, I thought about, prayed for and let my mind and heart wander to Ellen, Kellen, and two sweet baby boys. Not only them, but the doctors, nurses, sonographers, even receptionists that encounter my family during this. And often my uncle, cousin Megan, and all the people "paused" (to quote Megan) and waiting. I pray that God heals. That He gets all the Glory. That we find peace.

I was introduced to this band last year when I had the blessed opportunity to go help Megan after the birth of her son. I find solace in music. I love to worship my Rock through music. And, I find that, today, this song keeps playing over in my head. The line where they sing "the One the wind and the waves obey is strong enough to save." Such complete truth in that statement. Clinging to truth tonight.

You fought but you were just too weak
So you lost all the things you tried to keep
Now you're on your knees
You’re on your knees

But wait everything can change
In a moments' time
You don't have to be afraid
‘Cause fear is just a lie
Open up your eyes

And He'll break open the skies to save
Those who cry out His name
The one the wind and waves obey
Is strong enough to save you

Look now is not too late
Lift up your head
Let the rain fall on your face
You’re not far from grace
You’re not too far from grace

I know the weight of this world can take you down like gravity
I know the current of yourself can take you out, out to sea
But hold on
Hold on

(tenth avenue north)