Monday, April 12, 2010

In Obedience...

Several months ago, Caleb made the most important decision of his life - he asked Jesus into his heart. Never before and never again will Greg and I be more proud of Caleb Mitchell Griffin. Greg and I wanted baptism to be Caleb's decision and choice and we didn't press it at the time of his salvation. One day not too long ago as Caleb was getting off the bus, he told me he wanted to talk to me about getting baptized. After talking to Greg and I about his reasons for wanting to be baptized, he went and discussed his decision with the children's pastor at our church. Caleb made it clear that his decision was out of a desire to let others know of his decision to follow Christ. So, this Sunday, following his Lord Jesus in obedience in believer's baptism, Caleb made his decision public in front of our church congregation, family and friends. We are so delighted in his decision, we were thrilled to share the day of his baptism with him, and we look forward to eternity in paradise with our Creator. We love you Caleb!!

"God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful."

1 Cor. 1:9

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have attempting a way out of my sugar coma from all the candy that is totally being forced into my hand, out of the wrapper and inevitably into my mouth by no doing of my own in order to put up some pictures from Easter, but it has been tough. Sorry.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Caleb had off on Friday, but sadly Greg had to go to work. Greg had spent the first 4 days of the week serving his civil duty on a jury, and ended the week trying to catch up some on Good Friday. We tried to have as little fun as possible without him, but we managed to squeak in a few things. Caleb had a lot of questions about Good Friday and specifics from the Bible, so the morning began with the start of the story found in Luke. We read and then decided to finish the story on Easter with the celebration of the Resurrection. These moments were probably the highlights of my weekend. Then, after a super yummy mid-morning breakfast and a couple of errands, we went bowling. The place was nearly empty, and the boys, Emily and I had a great time. Sorry Greg - make that a semi-great time. :-)

Saturday was full of yard work, house work and egg dying. Cameron asked a couple of times about the physical dying of the eggs..."how did they die", "are they dead?" etc...

The Easter bunny brought some really cool sunglasses. Disregard, in the next few pictures, the fact that it is nearly still dark outside and slightly misting when my children go out to hunt eggs and they are still wearing said sunglasses. What can I say - their future is that bright...
Cameron climbed the tree to get the one out of the branches - I wonder if that is how the bunny got it up there?
Chocolate Bunny Challenge. It goes something like this...
4 yr old after eating breakfast says: Can I have some of my chocolate bunny?
Mom: No
Dad: Yes, a piece
4 yr old: I want the whole thing
Mom: No
Dad: No, a piece
4 yr old: Please
Parents: No
4 yr old: Please
Mom: No
Dad: No
Emily: Aw, come on, let him try it :-)
Mom: No
Dad: Okay, Cameron, if I let you have it, then whatever you don't eat gets thrown away because it will be messed up.
4 yr old: Okay
Dad: And, Miss Emily has to go to your Sunday school with you to take you to the bathroom when you throw up later
Mom: Ugh
Emily: laughter
4 yr old: eating chocolate
A couple of bites pass and 4 yr old says: it won't be messed up, we can save some
Mom: No
Dad: No
For the record, the remainder of those bunnies are in my refrigerator
After several trips to wash their faces and hands "a little bit better", we got ready for church. It was a wonderful overflowing service. How blessed we are. I pray we strive everyday to not take it for granted.
"He is not here; He has risen!" Luke 24:6

Friday, April 2, 2010

Making me smile lately...

So, I read last week that the average person laughs 13 times a day. Normally, I would say I am under-average. I am a happy person, just not given to out loud laughter frequently. However, for the last week, I have been enjoying being an above average laugher and smiling a lot more. How can you not when you look at this sweet face...
We had a two-fer toother. Both top teeth within minutes of each other.
See what I mean - instant smile
Cameron wanted a picture of his teeth taken as well - he's also asked me every day when he's going to have "loosed teeth"