Wednesday, June 29, 2011

City Championship

My two champions competed this last Saturday in the city championship swim meet. They bettered their times in every event they swam, both were chosen to swim on a relay team (you have to be picked), both placed in their events, Cameron beat the record from the last city championship (and I have never seen a more proud big brother!), Caleb came away from the meet with EIGHT ribbons and Cameron brought home 5. Most importantly, they had so much fun!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello World...

It's us and we are alive. My apologies to those who have subtely kindly mentioned that it might be time to update. Okay, past time. I had huge and great intentions. Really. Honestly, I think I just kept thinking it's really been too long and then I wanted to be creative with the post and then I couldn't think of anything and then and then and then. So originally I thought I would do this HUGE recap of the last six months, but really that seems daunting. So, we'll go with a picture recap of the last month or so and go from there...

We met our new cousin, Hudson Stokely Moore, born March 31st. We are SOOO happy you are here!!

Yes, those are braces on Caleb!!

We celebrated Easter :-)

The baby graduated from Pre-K and is quite excited to start Kindergarten

Mom is not so ready

Cameron finished up strong on his soccer team this spring...he was very sad it was over

We adopted a puppy - meet Samson

Caleb went to T Bar M Day camp last week and LOVED it! What an awesome experience. Cameron went to karate camp too, but I don't have a picture :-(

The boys joined the swim team...cameron's first and caleb's second swim meet was this last weekend. Cameron swam two events - the backstroke and freestyle

Caleb swam 4 events: the backstroke, the breaststroke, freestyle, and on a freestyle relay team