Friday, July 31, 2009

I am

I am passionate about being fit,
But I am not always passionate about fitness.

I am a foodaholic,
But I have been known to skip meals.

I am passionate about a clean house,
But I am rarely passionate about cleaning.

I am crazy about reading,
But I don't always read what I should.

I am passionate about being a nurse,
But I haven't 'worked' as one in almost 4 years.

I am easily excited about budgets and numbers,
But I am not always passionate about sticking to it.

I am always eager to travel,
But I do not like to unpack.

I am easily concerned about the way I look,
But I often go days without wearing make-up.

I am blessed by good friends,
But I am not always a good friend in return.

I am a sister to two amazing brothers,
But I am not not always an amazing sister.

I am a daughter blessed with parents that love me for who I am,
But I have not always been a child to be proud of.

I am deeply, richly, and infinitely blessed by my children,
But I find being a mother to be one of the hardest and sometimes painful jobs,
and I am not always good at it.

I am more in love with my husband than I have ever been,
But I am not always the wife I should be.

I am a child of God,
But I do not always behave, talk or act God-like.

"but by the Grace of God i am what i am, and His Grace to me was not without effect..."
1 Corinthians 15:10

and for this I am forever grateful.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It was an honor


After church on Sunday, we decided to go to San Antonio. We had a few things we needed to do and Greg really "needed" to go to Bass Pro Shops. We didn't decide until we had turned the opposite way we needed to go out of church, so we had to go through town and then get on the Interstate. I'm so glad we did.

A few very sad times in my life, I have been a mourning person riding in a car in a line with our lights on following a loved one to their final earthly resting place. I am one of those people that finds the utmost respect in others who go out of their way, take a few moments out of their life, and pull over in respect. I also become enraged at those who don't. When my grandfather died, we went through his small town, and many people stepped out of their businesses and stood on the sidewalk in respect. I'll never forget the old cowboy standing with his hat held over his heart. Also, when my Aunt Denise died, we travelled from the church to the cemetery in Grapevine, TX at lunch hour (which if you don't know is a really busy time). I cried when the people pulled over for our family. (I yelled at those who didn't)

In turn, I like to pull over and show the same respect - I don't have to know the people. Well, on Sunday, we had the privilege of doing this. As we passed under and overpass at the edge of New Braunfels on I-35, we witnessed military people lined up all the way across the overpass and cars pulled to the sides. We had no idea what was going on, and at the next overpass were NB firetrucks, ambulances, and personnel lined up all the way across. After some speculating, it clicked with Greg - a 20 year old boy from New Braunfels was killed serving our country overseas and they were bringing him home. It was then we saw the flashing lights coming northbound from San Antonio, and my husband braked in the middle of the Interstate and swerved to the side of the road for us to pay our respect. It's the least we could do. And, it was a wonderful lesson to teach the boys.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Bad Phone Weekend

On Monday morning, Greg and I woke up and went about our normal weekday routine. As he was about to leave for work, he realized he didn't have his phones - he has a work phone and a personal phone. We looked through his truck, my car, and all the obvious places in the house a few times and came up with nothing. I started asking my sensible questions...When's the last time you used it? Did you have it at so-and-so? Where do you think you remember putting it? Did you leave it in your shorts/pants?

At this point, we are a good 20-30 minutes into the search. He says he had his personal phone on Saturday when he went to pick up a load of mulch for the flower beds. He says he may have left it in his pocket of his shorts. And I say, "Oh, the shorts Caleb loaded last night and washed?" BINGO! We found the personal phone in the washing machine - and let me tell ya' - it is CLEAN!! So, although I'm figuring it is a lost cause, I took out the battery, SIM card, and set it on the counter to dry.

And, we carry on with the work phone quest. He starts questioning if I saw the kids with it, and making absolute statements, like, "I know it was on the counter." Then we move to the bedroom to look, "I know I set it on the dresser." To the truck, "I know I didn't leave it in here." Then the boys get up, "Did you boys play with Daddy's phone?" (no, they didn't) Finally, after an hour, he decides to go to work phone-less.

Well, nothing bugs me more than something lost (that's not true - a lot of things bug me more, but I do dislike it), when I know it shouldn't be. So I keep searching. and searching. and searching. Greg gets to work and calls me from the office, and says, "maybe I set it on your bumper when I put my boots on Saturday morning because I thought I would take it out to my truck to plug it in and charge it." Well, hmm.

So, I tell the boys, "let's go for a ride and see if daddy's phone is on the side of the road." We load up, and head out. Well, apparently, cell phones left on the bumper of the car (maybe) can make it all the way to the entrance of our subdivision. That is where we found Greg's phone. Smashed to smitherines. I stopped picking up pieces at 17.

I Love You, Sweetheart!!

See ya Later Alligator...

...And after while Crocodile!!

We had a wonderful (and crazy busy) week last week doing Crocodile Dock VBS at our church! We had almost 700 kids, over 220 volunteers, and over 50 kids make a decision to ask Jesus in their hearts! And, while all of this is AWESOME, I will be happy not to wash this every night and put it on every morning ever again!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funny Cameron Saying # 30,231

Yesterday, when we got to church as the sun was breaking the horizon to get ready for VBS, Cameron informs me he has to potty. So, I turned on the lights in the girls bathroom and sent him in. I put my purse up in the office, and returned to retrieve Cameron and wash hands. This is the conversation that happened while washing hands.

Cameron: Mom, are we in the girls bathroom? (said more like, mooom, are we in da gruls bafroom?)
Me: Yes
C: But, I'm a boy.
Me: Yes, but Mommy's a girl, so when I take you, I have to take you to the girls bathroom.
C: Mom, I am not even going to kiss a girl.
Me: You're not? Why?
C: Because, de are grooooosssss.
Me: Oh, what about me?
C: You're not a grul, you're mommy.
Me: Oh, okay.
C: And, Mommy, I am not EVEN going to get married until I grow out of this (grabbing his sleeve) shirt.

He makes me laugh.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's all-consuming right now. I thought and thought to come up with something interesting, but I keep thinking of things I need to do in the morning. This week is going to be crazy, busy, and FUN! I just love watching how excited the kids are all week! And, I want to thank all the amazing people who volunteer their time for the hundreds of kids. It would never work without you!! And, I want to thank my sweet husband, who while I was at church for 12 hours today, got the kids ready for church, went grocery shopping, did the dishes, did the laundry, entertained the kids, and NEVER complained once!! Thanks Greg!

In other news, we had a wonderful weekend in Richmond visiting my family. I will post some pictures soon (hint/reminder Megan). It was so fun to hold babies and visit with everyone.

And, I need to give a shout out to my friend who went out of her way this morning to tell me that she's reading my blog now. HELLO!!!

So, that's it for now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Road Trip

First, I don't know why my post from yesterday didn't show up. And, I don't know why my pictures kept skewing. Ugh.

This morning, we are headed out on a road trip to see some family. I'm excited to see my Moore family!

I told the boys about it and these were their responses (in no particular order):

1. I'm so excited to see Ruby, because she's a pretty little girl (cameron)
2. I can't wait to hold Katin, but I am NOT changing his diaper (caleb)
3. Is Daniel's baby bigger, and are Ruby and Katin baby friends? (cameron)
4. I can not wait to go swimming in Aunt Danna's pool!! (caleb) Me too! (cameron)

And, this morning, unrelated, Cameron asks me:
"Mom, do I still look three?"
Me: yes
Cameron: Hmm, then I don't ever be six. Why I never be six.
Me: You have to be four first.
Cameron: Well, then, Mom, do I look four?

Catch you later from the road...

All because two people fell in love...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brain Fried

I really got nothing tonight. There is way too much floating around, vying for space, in my little bitty head. So, I'm going to leave you with two images...

1. Imagine an adorable three year old little boy in a t-shirt and shorts all ready to walk out the door to physical therapy. Mom says, "let's go." Child says, "just a minute." Child walks out in cowboy vest, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and magician's cape over before mentioned shirt and shorts, and proudly states, "I'm ready." Yep. He went to PT just like that. Super Cowboy Cameron.

2. Six year old child, after being told to go make his bed and brush his teeth (something he does every morning) states "this is the worst day of my whole entire life." Who knew dental hygiene was so bad. Fast forward 10 hours, after jumping at the jumping gym, pizza with friends, movie on the couch with popcorn, doing a puzzle, studying Spanish, playing a game, exercising with mom and dad, and a homemade hamburger for dinner, before mentioned child states, "mom you are my bestest mom in the whole entire world God made and today was outstanding." What a statement roller coaster he rode today.

Good night.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Change of Plans

I wrote a post earlier today with every intention of publishing it tonight, and being done. My heart changed from 15 hours ago, though, and while I still love what I wanted to say, and will post it sometime, I feel the need to say something else...

Tell your family you love them. Hug your kids. Hold them in your lap (if they are little enough). Kiss your spouse. Call your grandparents and parents. You never get this back. You only get one chance around. Make it good, and don't leave it left unsaid.

I have family I need to catch up with and friends I keep putting off the phone call because I know it will be long and "i don't have time." Make time. It will be worth it.

Love you all.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Ole Fashion Fun

I love a good slip and slide. When we were kids, we wore these things out (literally), and had a blast. My boys love to get it out, but haven't completely grasped the concept of running and sliding; who cares - they're having fun and, personally, I'm ecstatic that my grass is getting watered in the process! A few weeks ago, we invited some friends over for homemade ice cream and slip and slide heat beatin' fun. So, imagine my surprise when I found out these kids had NEVER been on a slip and slide. What's wrong with that??!! So, we made introductions...Drew and Grace meet the slip and slide, slip and slide meet Drew and Grace. They all had so much fun. It was so hot, I was almost tempted to join them. Luckily for the other adults the key word in that sentence was "almost."
Caleb and Cameron pre-sliding

Cameron trying out the action

Caleb getting his slide-groove goin'

Drew caught on quickly

Grace was 'all smiles'

And, the last picture would not cooperate for the life of me. My Dad heard there was homemade ice cream, and came on over. He decided to give Cameron some help on sliding techniques...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh where, oh where have we been?

Okay, so I realize I am way over due to post, but it got me thinking, how many (of my two readers) have really been checking?!

So, I am going to attempt a post a day for a week. Albeit, some may be very short, I'm gonna try.

Recap of the summer thus far:

Pool, river, movies, repeat.

Really, though, we have been very busy. In June, we:
* spent a lot of time at the pool or river
* helped my mom have a garage sale
* attended karate camp (well, one of us did)
* packed my mother's entire house for her move after she broke her arm
* helped my mom (in four trips to fredericksburg and brady) move
* the boys spent a week at Greg's parents having a blast and attending their VBS (allowing me time to help my mom and sneak a a few dates with my sweet hubby)
* twice a week visits to the physical therapists - the boys are surprisingly amazingly well behaved while we are there
* started taking Spanish (the boys)
* Father's Day and several birthday parties
*pool, river and more pool and river
*oh, and trying to stay cool during our 105-110 degree days (can anyone hear the ca-ching sound of my electric bill rising?)

For the Fourth of July, we drove to Midland to check out Jared and Kendall's new pad and spend the weekend. We went to Balmorhea, looked at potential houses, ate a lot, watched the fireworks, and got to see rain for the first time in ages.

We are currently gearing up for our church's VBS - I am doing registration again (last year our attendance was over 800). We are eagerly looking forward to a weekend trip to visit with family!! And, I am trying to hang on to some of the summer - it seems to be flying by.

I have some great pics of the happenings around here, and I will post them throughout the week. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer - hope you are staying cool!
Oh, and I'll leave you with some pics of the boys "walking on water"...