Thursday, March 11, 2010

The time of B's...

Say it isn't so - has it really been almost a month since I have blogged. It has been the most insane start to this year that the blog world has taken a hit. I wish I had a lot of wise and poignant things to offer from my absence, but alas there is nothing. Well, that's not completely true, I have some thoughts rumbling around, but they haven't completely made themselves

I call this the time of B's because that's what it seems to be:
*3 new Babies (two whose names start with B)
*Baby showers
*Bible Study
*Believe weekend
*finishing projects and starting new Big ones
*the Beginning of tax season (and continuation of)
*co-chairing a committee for the annual Huntsman's Ball
*Beautiful days spent at the river park, in the yard, and in the garden
*more trips to Babies R Us than I've made in almost 5 years
*Blustery days with snow, ice and/or rain
*painting a bathroom
*finishing a series of Books that I was so happy to be done with and starting a new one that I absolutely love

Well, anyway, you get the picture. The blog lost priority amongst all the other B's in my life. Here is a very small example of what's been going on in and around the babies you've seen:
believe weekend girls before our outdoor game saturday night
the river park
hiking at the Ligon ranch (cameron and daniel)
a windmill at the ranch - I use to swim in the tank attached to this windmill as a kid
Caleb and I almost to the top of the mesa
Sweet Granny - 90 yrs young
Valerie's post-baby baby shower
More soon - hope everyone is well!!