Thursday, November 25, 2010


How do you put into words everything one is thankful for? I've been struggling with this answer because I have so much. So today, I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and an infinite thank you to the One who has blessed me more than I deserve.

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and and praise His name." Psalm 100:4

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Haiti Bound

I've been sitting here trying to put into words what she's already done so well. So after typing and deleting several times, I'm going to let her words speak. What follows is the letter that Emily wrote regarding her upcoming journey...

Dear Friends and Family,

The past two summers have brought unexpected opportunities to travel to Haiti, each with a nine-day trip south to the beautiful, unfortunate, half island. Hitting ground in Cap-Haitian, my heart running ahead of me, I found myself confident this country had been written in my story long before I knew its name. As the journey continued, the mosquito bites grew numerous, the smells never went unnoticed, the potholes seemed to get deeper, and the nights in bed more restless. However, along the ride the handholds grew numerous, the hope never went unnoticed, the friendships seemed to get deeper, and my heart grew more restless with uncertainty of my role in this seemed to be forgotten place. Staring at the stars I became overwhelmingly reminded that my God knows His creation, fights for those He loves, is the Father of compassion, and Giver of eternal encouragement. He has allowed me to fall in love with a beautiful people and graciously given me time to know them more.

This January my eyes will see Haiti again thanks to an undeserved invitation to return. Wilbert and Meg, the founding couple of Living Hope Mission Ministries, have become heroes, guides, encouragements, and friends during these short meaningful visits. Highly respected among the people in the area, they have served tirelessly to “offer Haiti living hope in Christ, the hope of the world” through education, churches, construction, renovation, farming, and relationships. This spring, for three months, I will walk along-side the two absorbing the culture, learning the tendencies, loving new faces, and assisting wherever and whenever needed. Shadowing Meg, I hope to grow, learn, and share in His relentless grace, true power, mighty justice, and strong mercy.

To go to a different place, a different people, and completely submerge myself into an unfamiliar culture finds me excited, anxious, and doubtful in my abilities. I know that these months will be full of confusion, nervousness, helplessness, frustration, and fears of isolation; but I am confident that my Creator will bring understanding, strength, companionship, incredible hope, and a broken heart to mirror His own for this nation. I know that Love will lead me to be humbled. Please pray on my behalf for the coming months, my preparation physically and emotionally, for those that will cross my path, the opportunities to share His love, and the constant knowledge of my purpose in glorifying the Holder of the Universe; may I walk these steps faithfully.

May the Molder of the mountains, the Floater of the clouds, the Painter of the trees, and the Mapper of the winds remain a mystery to His children. Thank you for taking these steps in my story with me. I love and appreciate you.

Emily Lane
1 John 4:12

Please join us in praying for our very good friend.

Record Setters

We had the pleasure of getting Greg's company tickets to the Aggie game last Saturday. Not only did we get to enjoy a big win against Nebraska and some text bantering with our Cornhusker friends, we also were part of a record setting Maroon Out crowd. With 90,079 in attendance and the largest student attendance in college football history, I kept thinking I was really glad not to be playing on that field when we all started cheering. It was really impressive to look across and see a sea of maroon shirts and white 12th man towels. We had 4 tickets to the game and invited Emily and our friend Kelly (who also attended A&M) to go with us. Greg was sitting in style with 3 beauties surrounding him. :-) Caleb and Cameron thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled by Gigi and Grandad and had no problem staying back to watch the beginning of the game on t.v. and then the backs of their eyelids.

We had a wonderful weekend - good times with friends, reminiscing on campus, eating some yummy food ( i love you d.ouble d.aves), tent sale shopping, outdoor hiking, nap taking good time. And, it was Emily's first time to attend a big college game - she said her favorite part was halftime - I have to concur...not much beats what comes after those infamous words..."Now forming at the north end of Kyle Field, the nationally famous Fightin' Texas Aggie Band." Gig 'Em

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall Fun

Better late than never and since my Christmas decorations are up and 99.9% of the Halloween candy has been demolished, I figure I'd show you some pictures of all of it...


Sadly, I took just short of 300 hundred pictures to get a 'really cute' one of Cameron on the rope swing, and this was the best one - aka the VERY first picture

Miss Beth, the boys and I listening to the singing ducks (and enjoying a covered shady area - it was over 100 degrees this day)

Rubber duck racing with water pumps

The sweet taste of water pumping duck racing victory. What a win!!
Corn Maze

Picked their Perfect Pumpkins

Our Pumpkin Patch trip was a blast! There was so much more we did, but in an effort to not overload everyone's computers with super cute pics of my kids, I will keep it to that.
In other fall news...

The baby turned 5

The first trip of the season to the deer lease

Cameron making quite the fashion statement

Mario Bros. - Mario and Luigi

What a busy and fun time of the year! We have enjoyed soccer games every week and are sad that those are now over. Cameron is already looking forward to the next season. Caleb is staying busy with school, Spanish and karate. He is looking forward to the Thanksgiving break!