Monday, September 19, 2011


Time is flying by and moving fast and I struggle with what goes on from day to day and keeping up. It absolutely hit me sideways that this sweet boy is 9, that he started his tenth year of life, that he is becoming a big boy not a little boy. We are so proud of the person he is, the friend he has become, the awesome big brother and example that he is to Cameron, and the absolutely wonderful son we adore. We love how witty you are, how you make us laugh, how smart you are, how sweet you are, and what a blessing you are. We thank God every day for the gift of you and treasure each sweet moment. We love you Caleb!

It was very difficult to get Cameron out of the pictures - spotlight thief

sweet boy

We LOVE you!!

Caleb's birthday falls on Labor Day weekend most years, so we took him and some friends to the M.agic T.ime M.achine on Labor Day for dinner - he had a blast!! (and guess who is in the picture)

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