Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harry and Maverick

Caleb was adamant he wanted to be Harry Potter. Well, not just Harry Potter, but Harry in his Quiditch robe. So, Harry he was. And Cameron was our fighter pilot, fondly named Maverick. No, he hasn't seen the movie. Yes, I was asked that multiple times.

We were able to get multiple uses out of the costumes this year. On Saturday night, our neighborhood had their fall festival (no pics). Then, the boys got to dress up for school Monday. Then last night, we went to our church for it's annual fall festival. Following that, for the first time and at the boys' request, we went to a friend's neighborhood where door-to-door trick or treating is slightly more conducive than our neighborhood. Big fun was had by all and by the end of the night the boys were falling into their beds, happy and exhausted. Mom and Dad too.

We've been sporting costumes with these fine friends for 5 years now.

So for weeks, I have been convinced that Caleb was the fighter pilot a few years ago. So, when Cameron wanted to be a fighter pilot, I was thinking heck yes, we have that costume. Done. Except it was Cameron. THREE years ago. This costume is rolled to the hilt and pinned in order to "fit." This year it was a little tight in areas and short in the legs. Time to pass that one down...

Bull Rider Caleb

Bull Rider Cameron

They love each other. After going door-to-door, they still hold hands and stay together back to the car.

Couldn't resist this pic of these cutie-patooties from 5 years ago - Caleb 4, Cameron 1

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