Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Many of You Can Say....

...that you have swam a mile? Okay, so maybe some have, but did you do it continuously in under an hour? Okay, still some of you maybe have done that. So, one last question...were you 5 or 8 when you did it?! That's right. The boys swam a non-stop mile this week on Wednesday. It's an accomplishment goal that they are challenged to try at the end of the swim team summer season and they both not only tried but conquered it! They will receive a trophy and a t-shirt for their accomplishment. We were SOOOO proud!!! To give credit that is very due, Greg swam it as well later in the day ~ I just didn't have the camera for his finish.

"we just swam ONE mile"

Papa and Mimi got them a celebration ice cream cake

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